Family Vacation Trip - Day 3

Monday, June 30, 2008


Day 3 - AKA: The Day CW Was Tortured
This is where we went:

I was so nervous about CW's reaction that we didn't actually tell him we were going to a Zoo until we were almost there.

He only whined a little, but was quite impressed once we got inside and there were frogs everywhere. He asked for his picture with every frog item he could find.

B10 was thrilled - right inside the gate there were two volunteers with snakes to touch. Already the day was going his way!
The animals and habitats were beautiful. One of my favorites was the swan who had eggs almost ready to hatch.

We took a pause to play on the playground (complete with metal dino skeleton and dig site).

Another favorite was the bald eagles, a breeding pair that really put on a show for the crowd. It was almost as if they knew the July 4th Holiday was approaching!

We ate lunch inside a nice food court. The Caterpillars had worked up a serious hunger.

These are the giant tortises before the "mating" began. Or as B10 put it - "Look, they're getting married". To which CW replied, "Why is he crushing the bride?"

This is Stubby and Holly the girl manetees. Stubby lost her tail. :(

CW was impressed with the stingray, which was pretty neat.

B10 spent a L-O-N-G time in the Reptile House. I had brought a little craft for CW to do, so he basically ran through the exhibit and sat on a bench at the end making his Hissing Cockroach. (Thank you "Miss Mary" at my work!)
It rained on and off, but we were able to see everything we wanted to see, including the Kangaroos and Koala Bears. (Isn't the Koala ADORABLE?!?)

Bring one small shower we went inside a special Aviary and fed the Larakeets. One took a nip of B10's finger, but he didn't drop the special food!

Before we left, CW had two requests - his picture with Pepe the Penguin and Dippin Dots Ice Cream. Here is Pepe, and you'll have to take my word he got half a cup of Chocolate on the way out of the park.

After a full day, we came back to the house and decided to have BBQ. I had a delicious beef brisket sandwich and Hubby tried the sampler platter. I really thought by the time we got home we would be able to bathe the Caterpillars and throw them in bed.

I was very wrong. Hubby and the Caterpillars ended up going outside and running around for over an hour! Then, B10 ended up falling asleep before CW!

I was so tired, I fell into bed before 11:30 p.m. Tomorrow we are going geocaching! And to see Wall-E! And to a State Park! (But everything is within this county, so no more long car rides!)
~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

CW's face is priceless!! I had to call Hubby over to check it out! I am glad he ended up having a good time. It looks like fun. I remember some of the stuff, but it looks like they added some stuff too. Fun!

Keetha said...

So, is CW afraid of zoos or what? It all looks like fun and NOT torture to me.

Life throws you surprises! said...

That looks like a great zoo.

Lone Butterfly said...

Oh, he's not afraid, Keetha, he just can't stand zoos. He thinks they are the most boring place on the face of the planet.

I'm pretty sure that he'd go to the dentist if you told him that was an option instead of going to the zoo.

He'd rather be at an art museum.

Keetha said...

Oh my - - - I never HEARD of a kid who felt that way. Then I guess he WOULD NOT be excited to be in my 7th Grade Life Science class when the Zoo Field trip came along, would he!