Family Vacation Trip - Day 1

Saturday, June 28, 2008


While B10 was at Chess Camp and Hubby was at work, Cookie helped CW and I get the car ready for our first night of driving on our family vacation.

We loaded everything up and headed to Ohio. Our goal was to make it to at least Northern Tennessee on Friday evening, before stopping to sleep at a hotel.

Before we even got out of town, poor B10 was asleep. I had picked him up about a half hour early from camp and given him a bath before leaving and he was complaining his tummy hurt. Our hope was that if he was asleep, we could make it a good ways before stopping for a late dinner.

He (luckily) didn't wake up until we crossed the Tennessee border and stopped at a Rest Stop for a restroom break.

By that time CW was "starving" and while we managed to hold him off for about 3 hours, we finally stopped at a Cracker Barrel for supper. While CW and Hubby sat on one side of the table playing games, B10 laid his head on my lap still complaining of a tummy ache. I managed to get him to drink a little water and Sprite, but he only ate 2 bites of a roll and a few fries.

After getting up to pay, I called UncleSheep (the Firefighter/EMT) who confirmed that he thought it was dyhdration from B10 spending all week at camp outside and not drinking enough water. B10 promptly followed me outside the resturant and lost what little supper he had all over the grass.

The Cracker Barrel people were wonderful. They gave us a tall cup of water to take in the car with no ice, and extra bags in case he got sick again. I really appreciated how sweet they were. He only stayed another hour, drinking all the water (and keeping it down), and then taking his medicine (I had been hesitant to give it to him, for fear it would come right back up). CW managed to stay awake for a while, but both were sacked out when we finally stopped at a little Days Inn in Southern Kentucky.

Hubby and I moved them inside to the double bed and we all fell asleep for a few hours rest before we'd be up again - headed to Ohio!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Edelweiss said...

Oh, no! So sorry B10 was sick on the first day. I hope he's feeling better today. And, I assume you made it safely since you're blogging this evening.

Can't wait to hear all about it on Thursday.

oh amanda said...

Vacation just isn't vacation without hte Cracker Barrel. Fun!