Family Vacation Trip - Day 4

Monday, June 30, 2008


Today was a "stay near the house" day. We ate a lazy breakfast and then the Caterpillars helped Granddaddy, Jr work on birdhouses.
By 10:30 a.m. we were loaded in the car for the very short drive to the movie theatre. Hubby and I had promised the Caterpillars we could see Wall-E, and Minnie Mouse was glad to see any Disney movie!

I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it had a very sweet storyline, and a very good environmental message, without being "preachy" or "scary-doomsdayish".
From the parking lot of the movie theatre we went on a geocaching adventure. Granddaddy, Jr and Minnie Mouse have enjoyed geocaching for about 3 years, but our family has never done it before.

It's a really cool thing to do together. The idea is that you take a handheld GPS device, and after selecting a geocache from the Internet (we use you go searching. It's like a huge treasure hunt!

When you find the geocache (it can be anything from a large ammunition box to a film canister) you write your name on the log, and if there are things inside you can trade them out for things you bring with you.

B10 found the first one.

CW found the second one.

And I found the third one.

We got within 20 feet of the fourth one and just COULD NOT find it! (Less rain and leaves might have helped...)

The boys loved hiking through various woods and watching the GPS tell us how close we were. We searched for four, and found three - so I think that's a pretty good average for our first day ever.

The scenery was beautiful.

On the way home we stopped for dinner at a dairy farm/restaurant. CW fell asleep at the table before his food arrived. (Poor baby - we missed lunch, because of the geocaching, so he was hungry when he finally woke up!)

When we finally made it back to the house, B10 made his delightful guacamole for everyone. He was especially excited that Minnie Mouse had a juicer for the lemon!

We got all the Caterpillars into bed, and fell into bed ourselves. Tomorrow is the Water Park day (AKA: What CW Has Been Asking For Since We Tortured Him).

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Meredith said...

Chris and I just recently geocached ourselves (for the first time). It was quite fun! :) It sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful vacation!

Keetha said...

Never heard of geocaching before. Interesting idea!!!

The guacamole looks WONDERFUL. I want some chips!!!

BooSheep said...

Hubby looked this up on the internet and got really excited. He said there are a bunch near us and it sounds like TONS of fun!