Family Vacation Trip - Day 2

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We had a rough night in the hotel (at least one car alarm at 2 a.m. plus 2 adults in a small double bed is a little uncomfortable) and I ended up waking up early to take a bath (I was pretty sore from the day before in the car). When I was done, I woke B10 up to put him in the warm water to soak before sticking him back in the car for another drive. He said he tummy felt better, but I was still pushing fluids on him. The breakfast in the "hotel" was very sad. Mini muffins, fruit loops, milk, fruit, and white bread.
I ended up getting coffee for Hubby and two mini muffins, and bread with butter for the caterpillars. B10 ate a few pieces of apple and CW ate half a banana, but it just wasn't enough.
We all got dressed and were on the road by 7:30 a.m. We were a little disappointed, because if we had driven to the next exit we could have stayed at a beautiful Holiday Inn Express. But at 11:45 p.m. - Hubby was ready to sleep, so we made the best choice we could. I'm so glad we decided to get into Kentucky, mentally it felt good to know we had made it that far the day before, and the trip seemed shorter. Our goal was to make it to Ohio before lunch.
By 9:45 a.m. we were on the Northern side of Lexington, and made the choice to stop at McDonald's for a second breakfast (or a first breakfast, since the early morning meal was more of a snack). We were pretty quick before heading back on the road.
(B10 obviously has his appetite back - as you can see by the bit of sausage hanging out of his mouth...)

Due to unexpected roadwork outside of Cincinnati, we didn't make it to Granddaddy, Jr and Minnie Mouse's house until after noon. Poor Minnie Mouse was practically starving, so we pretty much got out, let the Caterpillars run around for about 15 minutes, then all hopped back in the cars for pizza and salad (Hubby had a hot sandwich that he really enjoyed).

On the way home, B10 and Minnie Mouse went in one car to the grocery store to pick out perfect avocados for B10 to make guacamole with. CW came back to the house with Hubby and Granddaddy, Jr.

Granddaddy, Jr. took CW outside and allowed him to help fill bird feeders. CW did a great job filling the containers and then walking the containers out to the various feeders.

Minnie Mouse and B10 arrived back at the house, and had made a side trip to the library to check out books. CW and I got to go on our own special trip to the library, where he found a couple of books (including our favorite Llama, Llama Mad at Mama) and a few DVDs to watch.

We had a simple cookout for supper at the house, and then took a walk down to the neighborhood park.

By the time we got back, CW was almost asleep. I gave him a bath and he laid down on my lap and was out within 10 minutes. B10 ate a special dessert with the grownups before he also went to bed.

It was a great second day, we made pretty good time in the car and B10 didn't get sick again!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Edelweiss said...

Your dad's lawn is beautiful - I'm jealous!

Enjoy your time together!