One is Lonely? Part Deux: The Oldest

Saturday, June 21, 2008


B10 spent last night with Cookie and Doc - and woke up early this morning to head out with them to the "fair". This is really where the voting for the next year's Board of Directors, etc, happens. To get people to come out, they try to make it fun for families.

B10 wasn't thrilled with the drive - but once he got there he found a ton of bouncy things for him to play on. He enjoyed that for quite a while!

He then moved on to the information stands. He was allowed to get a really cool hard hat - and being an awesome brother, he made sure to get one for CW. He also brought home a few workbooks on electricity that he began working on. He said it was a great Science Class lesson.

During the day the employees were doing demonstrations of rescue. Dummies were hung on electrical poles, and the employees scaled them to "save" the dummy. B10 loved that part!

While the meeting was taking place (and the voting), there were hot dogs to eat, along with popcorn and blue snowcones. There were a couple of "accidents" that created green popcorn, but B10 enjoyed the food.

He also remained quiet during the meeting by using wood chips to make a grasshopper (for me) and a cicada for my Mum (Cookie).

Finally, the local 4-H club brought out baby goats. B10 was allowed to go into the pen, which he LOVED. He's such an animal-lover. I know this was a special treat for him.

He had a great day being an "only grandchild", but was more than ready to have our special date night when I picked him up after I got off work!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

It looks like the "fair" actually wasn't so bad! I am glad he ended up having tons of fun...goes to show you you never know! :)