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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


There are times when as a Christian I feel uncomfortable. At work, currently, I have had a situation arise that has put me in a position that, while not difficult, is a little complicated.

One of the women I work with found the website A Complaint Free World. The idea is that you wear a purple bracelet on your wrist and every time you complain you move it to the other wrist. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, and this is suppose to help you. She ordered enough for everyone and work and distributed them with a letter from the organization.

A quote from the letter given out with the bracelet is as follows:

“Our words are powerful indicators of our thoughts, and our thoughts create our lives. When we complain, we draw to us negative things because we put out negative energy.”

The thing is, it’s not a bad idea to try and think positively. To limit our complaints and the time I spend criticizing others.

However, this particular “ministry” was founded by Rev. Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity, in Kansas City. I confess to find it odd that they named themselves a “Christ Church” when their public declaration of beliefs is clearly written on their homepage:

We Believe...
1.There is only One Presence and One Power, God the Good, omnipotence
2. If God is everywhere, God is also within everyone
3. Our thoughts create our reality4. Pray affirmatively giving thanks for what you desire
5. Practice the four principles (above) to the best of your ability each and every day.
We honor all faiths.

This is not a Christian church. It’s not even a Protestant church. It’s a “all pathways lead to heaven” kind of church, and that goes against my beliefs.

So here is my quandary.

I was given a bracelet like everyone else, which I have not worn and will not wear. However, the woman who handed it out has been rather vocal about chastising people she sees not wearing the bracelet.

At first, in order to “get out of Dodge” quickly, I made a joke that I wasn’t going to wear something I knew I would fail at (ie: me actually quitting complaining). And while many will say that this is not religious, but social - I disagree. The bracelet has the website written on it, thus if I were to wear it I would be basically advertising for these people.
It is my hope that she (the lady at work) will drop the subject. But then that frustrates me, as I know I should be able to articulate my position on the matter and not be ashamed of being a Christian. It's a delicate situation, because I am still at work, and I must remain sensitive to others.
Is it complaining to wish she was a little less of a pushy person?
~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keetha said...

Perhaps I would try an approach like this:

"You know, name, I really appreciate that you are wanting to help us stop complaining and I agree that I need to work on that. However, while I AM going to work on stopping complaining, I just can't wear the bracelet because I checked out th website and there were several things on there that I can't condone. So - - - I'll just have to work on this without the bracelet."

Maybe that would work. At least you would have GENTLY and KINDLY have expressed, without great put down to "name" or the organization that you just didn't agree with it all.

BooSheep said...

You probably know more about the bracelet than she does...I agree with Keetha's approach. At least she would know why you are choosing not to wear it.  (And for that matter, there are probably other Christians at your work who don't realize what they are supporting either.)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Love.

Thank you for dragging me into the 21st century, although I DO feel a little funny here. Will that feeling go away eventually?

Knowing you, you will probably find humor to add to the situation. You always DO seem to find the right words to say ...

much love ... mum

Keri said...

HAHA I am my mother's (Keetha) daughter...I was going to say something very similar to what she already said.