Spring Bicycling

Sunday, April 13, 2008


For Christmas Granddaddy, Jr and Minnie Mouse gave the boys and me bicycles, Husband received a bike rack for the truck. The weather has been rather chilly until about two weeks ago, and then the boys were gone – so this afternoon was only the fourth time we’ve been able to practice with the boys.

CW did wonderful his first try, but since then has decided he doesn’t want to learn. I think he’ll come around when he sees everyone else getting to ride. But this time was spent with him running around the yard with his helmet on.

B10 and Husband practiced for over a mile, with B10 actually riding by himself for a bit of the journey. I’m really proud of how well he did, wearing his helmet without complaints and trying his best.

Our driveway is on a hill, and he even walked his bike up to the front door by himself! Not an easy feat at the end of practice. (Husband carries our bikes through the house to the sun porch in the back.)

I even pulled out my bike and rode up and down our little street, while CW raced me on foot. I am still adjusting to having to wear a helmet, but I am really loving my new bicycle!


I can’t wait until we can all go biking with the Sheeps – BooSheep received a bicycle identical to mine, and Hubby Sheep received a new bicycle that has a small trailer attached, so Little Sheep can ride with us! (And Little Sheep can carry a picnic basket – HANDY!)

THANK YOU Granddaddy, Jr and Minnie Mouse! We love our Christmas presents!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keri said...

We love bike riding!! We will need one of those trailers, though, with a new baby coming in June. They're just so expensive! I'm sure I'll be checking eBay! hehe