Monday, April 14, 2008


**WARNING** This post contains a very mild photo of a head injury.

Somehow, in the last twenty-four hours, we've managed to do quite a bit of damage to B10 and myself.

Husband and I have a pretty open policy about digging in the yard - as long as it's not damaging to a tree, then go ahead. The boys are always creating holes and then filling them back in and creating new ones.

As I was walking my bicycle to the road through our yard, the front tire caught one of these holes. The downhill slope ended up causing me and the bike to hit the ground - in that order. Now I have a very lovely bruise that stretches from my upper thigh almost to my knee. Then there are numerous small bruises below my knee to my ankle.
The second injury came when B10 and Husband were roughhousing last night, after CW had fallen asleep. I was just drying off after my bath when I heard B10 screaming and Husband saying "It's okay". (B10 was responding - "NO IT'S NOT OKAY!")

I ran into our bedroom to find B10 curled up face down on our bed, with Husband's hand covered in blood over the back of his head.

Apparently, whacking your head really hard against a piece of wood is NOT the greatest idea...

It took over 20 minutes to calm him down and clean the wound. Head wounds bleed like Niagara Falls anyway, and the fact the the child was tired didn't help the situation at all. I'm just glad we didn't have to go to the Emergency Room for stitches, which is what I was initally afraid of!

I hope everyone else is having an injury-free week! I'm off to see if B10 can make it to swim lessons (he was a bit apprehensive about getting chlorine in his hair).

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keri said...

OUCH!! To both injuries!

I got that pillow at good ol' Wal-Mart!! hehe

groovyoldlady said...


Our six year-old tripped in the aisle at church and hit her head on one of the chairs (metal frame/padded seat) and she bled EVERYWHERE. My husband rushed her to the hospital (practically next to the church) which was rather awkward because our 2nd church service was about to begin and he's our drummer. I had no idea anything had happened until he didn't show up - then and elder filled me in. After I sang I rushed over to join them.

8 stitches and 1 jagged scar.

Boo-boos. Ugh!

Keetha said...

Hubby is a PA in the ER and I teach Anatomy - - - so medical stuff doesn't make us avert our eyes. I've even posted pix of the hubby's kidney stones!!!! That'll "rock" your world. Hehehehehehe

Keri who said, "Ouch to both injuries" is my daughter.