Cutest Shoes EVAH -

Friday, April 18, 2008


- which sadly do not belong to me.

My mum (who wears the same size shoe as I do) went to visit HER mum in a far away state. While there, she found something at that Target that we do not sell here.
I know, because I've looked.

Do you see the adorableness of these shoes? The perfect little flowers? The tiny little red ladybugs? Now, imagine a perfect Banana Republic jean skirt, that flows just to my knees, a slightly off-white 3/4 quarter length sweater, and a bright red tank.
I was rockin today at work.

Here is another picture of the shoes, modeled by me.

I suggest you rush out to your nearest Target to find these. And if they have them there - I'm a size 7 and my birthday is in November. ;)

To recap - shoes are adorable. Especially on me. (See my "kickin it back" pose? It's all the shoes.)

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keri said...

What a great thought provoking post!

I have never in my life sat with a group of women and read the Bible. You're right, I think it's because it isn't denied to me. But I also agree that that shouldn't stop me! You're inspiring.

It's funny you mention the social thing. I'm struggling about Sunday School right now. People our age at our church keep urging us to attend the Sunday School class. I grew up going to Sunday School, I know the benefits and I know it can be a great thing. BUT (you saw that coming, I'm sure) I have noticed that the people our age in our church are very much a clique. They all sit together during service, they all go out to lunch after. That's awesome for them, I'm sure it's great fellowship. But we're never invited to sit with them, never invited to lunch. If we went to Sunday School would that change? I'm not interested in turning my Sunday mornings into something similar to High School lunch hour. That's just not what I go to church for and I don't want to start down that path.

Keri said...

Oh shoot. I posted my comment on the wrong post! I'm sorry. LOL

Meredith said...

They have those shoes at the Northlake Target!!! I have seen them with my own eyes (of course, this was a few weeks ago that I saw them)... go, check it out.. purchase them for yourself as a treat! You deserve them!