Wolf Rank Ceremony

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sunday afternoon the Cub Scouts had their second-to-last Pack Meeting of the year. B10 had worked hard all year long and achived his Wolf Scout Rank Badge.

Rank Ceremonies are a pretty big deal in Cub Scouts. Most of the other awards (like arrow points) can only be given out after you achive rank.

There are lots of Wolf Rank Ceremonies out there on the web, but I actually wrote my own for B10. The main color of Wolf is red, it's the background of the badge and used in most of the Wolf things.

Basically the Cubmaster said the following speech, while I drew a red wolf pawprint on his left cheek with red facepaint.

~The Wolf Badge is red, a bold and meaningful color.
~Red is for the blood you pumped when you mastered Feats of Skill, kept your Body Healthy, and worked hard with tools.
~Red is for the Flag that flies over our Home and Community, over all our Streets.
~Red is found in Your Living World that you interacted with and collected and even at times Cooked!
~Red represents your thoughtful heart – when making Good Choices, spending time with
Your Family, and doing your Duty to God.

Wear the Red Wolf Paw on your face proudly, and the Red Wolf badge on your uniform
to signify the hard work you’ve put into this achievement.

Lots of the other boys seemed sad to not have pawprints on their cheeks! The speech basically touches on all the different achievements B10 had to complete in order to become a Wolf Scout.

I'm so proud of his working hard all year - and sticking it out even when it wasn't always easy and fun. He did a great job, and learned a lot.

My proudest moment was when he placed 13th overall in District (out of almost 75 cars, just at District, not to mention the number of boys who competed on the Pack level) and wasn't upset at all. He was looking at the other cars that beat him, so he could build a better car next year. I think it is awesome how he understood that the point wasn't to win, but to enjoy himself.

I can't wait for May - B10 becomes a BEAR Cub Scout and my little CW will be an official TIGER Cub!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

That is pretty cool... I didn't know you could write your own ceremony. I thought B-10 thought it was very neat to have the paw print on his cheek... now only if it was orange :)