White Chili Chicken - Meal in a Bag

Saturday, April 19, 2008


The boys and Husband are getting ready to go camping for the first time (for the three of them alone). It's going to be quite an experience for them, and I've been asked to make sure they have plenty of easy things to fix and eat.

This receipe is very easy, and you can prepare it special for when you are camping.

First the ingredients:

5 Chicken Tenderloins, cubed in 1/2 to 1 inch cubes
1 Envelope of White Chili Seasoning
1 Cup of Water
1 Can of White Beans (16-19 oz) - NOT drained

For a one-stop meal add 1 can of corn (drained).

Now for the ultra simple directions- cook the chicken cubes, add everything else, bring to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes.

Then it's ready to eat!

For camping, try this:

Get a large (gallon size) ziplock freezer bag. Cook the chicken and put it into the bag. Make sure your cup of water is hot, and stir in the envelope of seasoning mix to dissolve. Set aside to cool. Open the can of beans (undrained) and the can of corn (drained). Dump both cans in the bag on top of the chicken. Pour the water/seasoning mix into the bag and seal tightly.

Now, if you have a large enough freezer - lay the bag flat (on a plate or pan, just in case the zipper decides not to seal). It will freeze quickly, and defrost faster when you are ready to eat it.

When it's time to go camping, use the bag as an "ice pack" in your cooler to keep other foods cold! It's less wasted ice, and gives you more flexiblity in food prep! Plus, if you're sending your beloved spouse out into the wilderness with two little boys without you - you can help him out by labeling the ziplock bag using a Sharpie Marker so he knows what to cook, and when to cook it!

To reheat, just open the bag and dump into your one-pot and bring to a boil.

~Lone Butterfly )i(
ETA: Yes, Keetha - the boys LOVED it (as did Husband). :D


Keetha said...

Looks good - - - great "freezing" advice. How does it taste???

BooSheep said...

We fixed this the other night with Little Sheep and he LOVED it! That was a great idea to send it camping with the boys... they can spend the extra time bug hunting instead of cooking!


Keri said...

That looks YUMMY!!!

Keetha said...

Whooooo Hooooo - - - I see my NAME in this post now!!!! :-)