Ohio - Day 6 (Part II)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


After the beach, we cleaned up and headed to lunch at Der Dutchman.  It is an Amish restaurant, where we all had the buffet (except B10, who had a cheeseburger with fries and salad).

It was delicious and unique, especially the Amish Delight (which delighted only GO and Hubby...).  Then we headed outside to the bank of the Little Miami River, where baby ducks lived.

B10 and CW sat down to see the babies, who were not afraid of humans AT ALL.

GO really loved the ducks.  She sat quietly with Hubby at first.

But once she worked up her courage, she started "chasing" the ducks yelling "QUACK QUACK!" at them.

They did not seem to understand what she was trying to convey to them...

Then we took a few photos on the pretty benches (you can see a new Caterpillar photo on the sidebar).
B10 started annoying GO - and she retaliated.  It was pretty funny!

From there, Minnie Mouse headed home to rest, while we headed back to Caesar Creek State Park for more fun - this time geocaching, visiting the Visitors Center, and fossil hunting!

First, the Visitors Center.  CW was able to pretend he was in the Army Corp of Engineers and work a lock system for boats (both electronically and with a toy set.

GO played in the animal room with the bridge, pretend deer and real turtles!
We took a trail near the Visitors Center to find our 200th geocache.  It was pretty cool to hit this milestone with Granddaddy - who introduced us to geocaching in the first place.

The trail itself was pretty cool, too!  (And LOOK - a picture of ME - proof I am actually in Ohio!)

Then we got in the car to do a little more geocaching.  CW likes carrying the GPS, while B10 (understandably) gets distracted by the bugs and critters very easily!

Finally, I had gotten us a Fossil Hunting permit, so Hubby, CW, B10 and I hunted for about 20 minutes, while Granddaddy sat with GO in the car (she was napping).

We found a few awesome specimens!  I can't wait to take them home and show everyone!

Then we began the long (almost an hour) drive home, to have burgers and baked potatoes for dinner.  GO tried out the corn on the cob, before asking Minnie Mouse to cut it off the cob for her!

Tomorrow is our "lazy day".  No big plans, just hanging out with Minnie Mouse and celebrating Hubby's birthday early!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

I think I made the same comment on my blog the day we fed the ducks! Sister Sheep chased them everywhere yelling "quack"! Too funny! I am glad you guys had fun. Congrats and the 200th and the fossils. NEAT!


Little Rose said...

Wow ... Okay, I had time, FINALLY, to actually read every word and look at every picture. SO cute! I love your kids ... :-) Congratulations on the Geocaches! Hmm ... More pictures of the fossils? Love you lots!