Ohio - Day 2

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It's GEOCACHING DAY!  GO feel asleep for her morning nap as we drove to the first site.  I think it saved her from the mosquatos.  She napped in Minnie Mouse's lap for a bit, but we decided that a ten stage multi in the woods wasn't on the agenda for today.

So we moved on to cache number two, where we met Ted.  GO woke up for that one!
 We also found a couple of woodpeckers - pretty cool!
Our next cache was at a park.  The boy caterpillars played on the playground, while GO hung out with Granddaddy.

She found a pretty flower to share!

My favorite is when he tried to lean down to get closer to her, and she leaned too!
Then B10 and CW came back for a group picture.
Before long, GO was trying to entertain us by finding her bellybutton.
B10 and CW were not amused and went back to the playground, which led GO to stand and shout "GUYS"! Over and over again....
We found a total of four caches today, and ate lunch out at a really great Italian restaurant where I found meat ravioli!  Then we went to Foy's Store, which is an old store...and that's all I can say.  It's totally random in there!  Halloween costumes, Ohio State stuff, candy from years past, yard sale supplies, balloons, fish and frogs (real ones...like pets), toys, rocks, just STUFF!

We had a blast in the store, going down up and every aisle.

Minnie Mouse headed home, and we followed a little bit after.  She made HotShot Chicken for dinner (delicious!) and the kids played outside.  Everyone enjoyed the evening meal, then the candy from Foy's earlier!

I love GO's face while she's eating.
Everyone was bathed and ready to "play" inside.  GO climbed up on the sofa, and couldn't wedge herself any closer to Granddaddy!
She was trying to help Granddaddy log his geocaches for the day.
Now, we are playing Wii Star Wars and I'm hoping to put GO to bed soon.  It may take driving her around in the car again.  :(  Well, last night she fell asleep and stayed asleep ALL NIGHT on her pallet in my room!  :D

Hugs until tomorrow - church and then it's time for..."IT'S SO FLUFFY!"

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

Love the picture of GO laying on Dad...and the one of them leaning. SO cute! Have fun!! I hope she sleeps better for you tonight...maybe she misses her Daddy :)