July 4th - Independence Day

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today was an "odd" day - Hubby and B10 began their Webelos Adventure Camping Trip, so it was just CW, GO and I at home.  We invited over Aunt K and Miss J to celebrate with us.

CW chose the menu for dinner - Salisbury steak, cooked carrots, puppy cake and pineapple.  It was...interesting to say the least.

CW and Aunt K played the Game of Life, where CW beat the pants off of Aunt K.

Miss J helped me to make tutus for our Pride & Prejudice Tutu Cast Party.

Then we went outside and shot off some small fireworks and lit sparklers.

GO really enjoyed the pretty colors and wasn't scared of the noises at all!

It was a great night with great friends.  A perfect way to celebrate our nation's freedom.

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


Little Rose said...

Dinner does sound interesting. :) I love you, CW ... love, M