Day 7

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Day 7 - or "Hubby's First Day of Birthday Celebrating" - was a lazy day.  We woke up and let the Caterpillars play on the computer for a bit.

Minnie Mouse spent the morning trying to convince GO that "Golddigger" was her favorite Glee Song.

She at least danced with her Minnie Mouse!

When everyone was ready (except Granddaddy - he had to work today), we headed down to one of the local neighborhood parks.  This was the first time Hubby has really gotten to "play" with GO on the playground.  She's actually big enough now to DO stuff.

She really liked the dinosaur ride.

B10 and CW met some other boys, and played Tag (or Robbers/Cops...or Spacemen/Aliens...whatever - it involved chasing each other).

But, they kept coming back and playing with their little sister some, too.  (Without me even asking them to do it!)
Hubby took GO up on the playground equipment and she had a blast!

Then we went out to the mall to have "food court" for lunch, before a lazy afternoon at home.

Minnie Mouse and CW went out to pick up Hubby's cake and balloons.

They were HUGE.

Seriously!  Look at the size of Hubby's head next to the balloon.

GO was amazed.

After dinner, we did a little more geocaching.  The first one was pretty neat (and pretty new).  It was near a playground with lots of trees so we could run around.
The giant airplanes reminded me of Germany!  I really like living near an Air Force Base.

The second one was HARD - I won't give away any secrets, but this is what it looked like:

Then it was back home for Hubby's birthday celebration.  CW picked out hats for everyone.

GO knew how to wear hers...but was confused by the Boy-Type-People in the family!

Delicious cookies and cream ice cream cake that Hubby picked out!

Minnie Mouse doing the honors of cutting.

GO really enjoyed cake!
Tomorrow is our last day!  Granddaddy is able to stay home and we have some exciting things planned for the Caterpillars.  YAY for vacations!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


Little Rose said...

Happy Birthday!! (Did I miss it?) Love you ... Malenki