Day 8

Friday, July 16, 2010


Today was our last day in Ohio with Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse.  We didn't hurry in the morning, waking up and having breakfast - then the Caterpillars played on the computer for a while.

GO went back to sleep on her Daddy's lap!

Minnie Mouse had made reservations at a really cool place called "Bounce U", where the Caterpillars could all play.

B10 and CW ran around having a blast.

And I helped GO do a few things also.

(She did enjoy the slides - the little house only held her attention for 5 minutes!)

Then we headed home to relax for a few minutes and take family photos.

Before we headed out to celebrate Hubby's Birthday for the second day in a row.  This time he chose a Mexican Restaurant to enjoy dinner at (before we would head home and eat more of the cake)!

For some reason GO's naps were messed up today.  She was a pill at dinner, it was really the only time she got upset in public during the trip - but then she found the ketchup and fries!

Or that ketchup could be put in your mouth via fries-not sure many of the fries got eaten!

To end our vacation, it only seemed right that we help Granddaddy feed the birds again.

GO was very proud of carrying the peanuts all by herself.

THEN it got BETTER - Granddaddy let her eat the bird food!
B10 and CW ran around the yard, getting all their wiggles out.

I love these pictures of the Caterpillars together...
Tomorrow we begin a long drive home, and drop off the boys with their Dad for three weeks.  I hope GO does okay!  (She can't really understand WHERE the "guys" disappear to!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


life in recipes said...

Well, hello friend! Tell your hubby I said happy belated birthday. Glad to see you back online - I've missed you!

Little Rose said...

Hi ... So sorry I missed that birthday. HAPPY BELATED! Love you guys!! Welcome home, Caterpillars!