Ohio - Day 5

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


No pictures today.  I didn't even pull my camera out!  We started the day heading over to the free movie showing at the outdoor mall.  It was Monsters vs. Aliens - which is one of my favorite cartoon movies (SUUUUUSANNNN!)

We were doing well, until GO (for no reason!) yakked all over me and herself outside the theatre.  Hubby and I took her back to the truck and got her cleaned off (the raspberry flavored vomit running inside my croc was a different story...), and headed back inside to meet Minnie Mouse, B10 and CW.  We watched the movie with no other problems, then went to E.O. Burgers for lunch.

We had intended on letting the caterpillars play in the dancing water fountains, but the rain looked like it was moving in, so we headed back to the house and let B10 and CW play the Wii and on the computer.  GO ran around the house, playing with her toys and just generally having fun.

For dinner, we made homemade personal pizzas, before putting the caterpillars to bed early - tomorrow will be our earliest day yet!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(