Ohio - Day 4

Monday, July 12, 2010


Granddaddy took today off work so we could take the caterpillars to the "Magic Castle".  We had a lovely hot breakfast (THANK YOU, MINNIE MOUSE!) - then got in the car for the short ride.

The Magic Castle had a huge playground, which is where we started.
B10 and CW started with the giant soft play area and huge slides.

GO found a little car, which was a lot more fun when Minnie Mouse started to push it.

The she moved on to the big Dino (from The Flintstones) to watch the flashing lights.  There was also a really cool Ice Cream Truck with Snoopy and Woodstock that she enjoyed.

After wearing out the play area, we moved on to the arcade.  B10 and CW each had their own cards, and GO and Granddaddy shared an arcade token card.  She loved helping Granddaddy play the games.

Then we went outside, and Granddaddy showed B10 and CW how to bat in the batting cages.  It was the first time either boy had ever done it.

It was really cool to see them learning from my dad (and I think he got a kick out of it, too).

For lunch, B10 was so very excited that there was a Fazoli's here in Ohio (ours closed two months ago).

GO ate her breadstick, but we all liked our lunch.
B10 and CW had been so excited about the batting cage, that we went back to the Magic Castle after lunch to let them practice a bit more.  Even Granddaddy took a few swings!
GO did not understand why we wouldn't let HER go inside the cage!

Finally, we played in the arcade and playground a little more.  Granddaddy and I found a cute game where we threw balls into the "Alley Cat" trashcan.  The lid would open and stuffed kitties would come out.  GO sat and watched it over and over again, and we had to tell her to say "goodbye" before she would walk away!
At home, B10 spent some time playing on the computer.

Granddaddy took about 45 minutes to teach CW the basics of Poker.  (He'll be winning games soon!)

Then we headed out to the airport to pick up Hubby.  He was running late, because of bad weather at home, the flight was an hour behind.

Once we safely picked him up and got home, B10 had some leftover "Crybabies" sour gum from Foy's, which he shared with Hubby.  (And B10 DID warn him ahead of time!)

GO took her bath and played for a bit, before we all headed to bed, ready for our big day Tuesday - it's FREE MOVIE DAY!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

That place looks like a lot of fun! I bet the boys loved it, especially the bating cages. GO seemed to have a lot of fun too :)


BooSheep said...

Okay, I lied. Little Sheep totally had not seen the bating cage pictures. I am sure he wants to do that too, but he responded with "I did do that"...no son, you threw a ball with Granddaddy for like 2 seconds in the backyard, but close :)