Big Girl's Big Bed!

Monday, July 19, 2010


GO is finally old enough (and monkey-like enough) to be in a big girl bed.  She's almost mastered flipping out of the crib, so rather than wait until she landed on her head, we rearranged her room and got her a big girl bed.

I was SO EXCITED to find one that matched her crib perfectly, so we can keep it up for now.  (It's a hassle to take down and put away, plus it gives a nice place for visitors and guest caterpillars to nap.)

She took a nap in her new bed immediately.

Cookie and I had enough time to finish rearranging the room while she slept.  She has so much more room to play now!
The rug with the numbers is from my bedroom when I was a little girl!

Then, tonight, she put on her big girl pjs and went to bed all by herself!  Aunt K was over to hang out with me, and took a few photos of GO dancing in her pjs.

Now, I know this won't last - but it's fun to see her being so grown-up (even when she's still so small!).

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


Happy One said...

I love the jammies..those look vaguely familiar :) Glad she is getting some use out of them..Molly and Abbey always liked them because they are so soft and silky.

Little Rose said...

SO cute! I love her room ... :) Can't believe how fast she's growing up ...