Walt Disney World Vacation - Day 8

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Day 8 is our truly "free" day, so we were in no rush to get out of the cabin this morning.  While at Disney's Hollywood Studios, we found out that it would only cost $3 each to add another day in the Parks.  So, for $12 we decided to spend the morning in Magic Kingdom.  Even though it would be our 3rd "day" there, B10 and CW wanted to play on Tom Sawyer's Island and I really wanted pictures of GO with Tinker Bell and her Fairy Friends (Pixie?).

We took the bus to the ferry, and the ferry to the Park.
GO liked the bus, but not the ferry as much.
I don't have any pictures of the boys, but according to Hubby they spent 2 solid hours running around the island and shooting at the trains on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with the cannons at the fort on the island.  GO, Auntie Mimi and I went to visit Tinker Bell.

It was darling...we had to walk through this long hallway where fiberoptic lights kept twinkling around us to "shrink" us down to Fairy size.  Otherwise we might step on the pixies.

The "grass" and "mushrooms" on the wall kept getting bigger and bigger and GO was fascinated.
We didn't stay long (it took over an hour to see the Pixies and do a bit of shopping), and we met the boys again to head home via ferry before lunch.

CW wanted to take a picture of Space Mountain from the ferry - a rather imposing figure on the landscape when taken out of context of the rest of Magic Kingdom.

Hubby took the Caterpillars back to the cabin, while Auntie Mimi and I went to pick up pizzas at the quick service restaurant for lunch.  We sat the Caterpillars on the floor and gave them pizza, apples and milk to eat before it was rest/play outside with light sabers time.
(There is no picture of CW, because when I looked at the photos, I realized he had no pants on...and no one needs to see his Buzz Lightyear underwear!)

Auntie Mimi was gracious enough to come with me to the Laundry nearby, where I managed to do a little over half our dirty clothes.
By that time, it was almost 5:30 pm, and we had dinner reservations for the full-service restaurant at Fort Wilderness Resort: Trails End Buffet.  This is the same place I managed to eat 24 oz of steak on Day 6, so I was VERY excited about going back.

It was absolutely delicious, again!
As you can see GO is all ready to eat - we fixed her a huge bowl of chili with cheese, which she managed to eat most of.

B10 and CW both liked their meals and huge mugs of chocolate milk.  Then B10 found the gummy bears for his ice cream dessert.

After speaking to the chef, I actually had two bowls of ice cream.  Vanilla Rice Cream and Tofu Chocolate Ice Cream - it's a toss-up which is better, but I appreciate being able to taste both.
GO was all done, it was dark and she was ready for bed when we were finished with dinner.  Auntie Mimi and I took her back to the cabin, where she played with Auntie Mimi while I packed our suitcases and the rest of the cabin.

Hubby took B10 and CW to the arcade, then let them play on the playground for about an hour.  Long enough for me to get much of the stuff done and ready for Hubby to load into the car.

Before we went to bed, B10 and CW had one last special dessert in our cabin.  I had picked up extra Mickey Ice Cream bars and chocolate cake, so they each were able to choose what they wanted most.
I will always think of Disney when I look at this chocolate cake!

Tomorrow, CW turns 8!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

Pixie World looks like fun! I can't wait to check that out... where was it again?? I also love the red bag you were using for laundry... I have one but it doesn't have a zipper, where did you get it? Are the boys having withdrawals from the mickey icecream heads yet? :)