Walt Disney World Vacation - Auntie Mimi Photos

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is a collection of photos taken by Auntie Mimi over the course of the 4 days she spent with us in Walt Disney World.  In no particular order (and with limited commentary):
CW loves making his "face"...

The outside of the cabin!

Toy Story Mania!  (See all the people? And the rest of the park was practically empty.)
Remember the night of the 24 oz steak?  These are the darling servers, and the rest of the story:
(Nothing wrong with a little rice ice cream with your steak!)
Waiting in the Tower of Terror Line:
The cupcakes at Hollywood and Vine:
More lightsabering:

Auntie Mimi's cool shades:
Inside the LEGO Store at Downtown Disney:
And, perhaps my favorite photo of the set, outside Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney:

My kids crack me up...

~Lone Butterfly  )i(