Walt Disney World Vacation - Day 7

Friday, February 5, 2010


Today was our Downtown Disney Day - supposedly, it was going to be a relaxing day strolling around quaint shops.  We began with breakfast at Cat Cora's restaurant "Kouzzina".

Our reservations were for very early, but we made it!
You can tell everyone is happy to be there!  Even GO enjoyed the breakfast.

She also enjoyed the server.
Now, for all my foodie readers - pictures of the Greek Breakfast Food (mostly "breakfast").
Sweet Potato Hash with marscopon cheese, bread, chicken sausage (Hubby's Meal).
Gluten-free and Dairy-free pancakes with fresh blueberries and chicken sausage (my Meal).
Waffles with Marscopon cheese and bacon (Auntie Mimi's Meal).
B10 and CW outside the restaurant.  I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of B10's chocolate french toast with bacon, which looked delightful.  We let the boys run around for a bit, along the dock where they decided to be (and I quote) "Duck Papparazzi".
After the silliness was over, we went straight to Downtown Disney via the Disney Transportation bus.  We were able to take a few great pictures along the outdoor shops.

B10 loved the giant serpent outside the LEGO store.

We ended up spending pretty much all morning in the LEGO store, before catching the Ferry to the other side of Downtown Disney, where we had lunch reservations at Wolfgang Pucks.
GO liked the ferry!

I will state, for the record, that Wolfgang Pucks is my LEAST favorite Disney restaurant and I will do anything in my power to never eat there again.

Everyone else seemed to enjoy it okay, nothing special, but nothing horrid either.  I personally couldn't get over the poor service.  No lunch should take over 2 hours, especially not a family with a baby (and yes, it IS a family-friendly establishment, high chairs and kids menus and the whole nine yards).
GO was cornered in between her high-chair and the window, where she played happily until she passed out.

CW got to order his own food, which was good, especially his make your own sundae for dessert
Hubby, B10 and Auntie Mimi split the appetizers.  They chose calamari, spring rolls and soup.
Hubby had the pita pocket sandwiches.  While B10 decided on the spaghetti with meat sauce.
We were there so long, GO woke up to eat some calamari and onion strings with us.

Alas, she did not get any of Auntie Mimi's Key Lime Pie.
She was not happy to be denied desserts!
It had started to drizzle as lunch was over, but we walked back, so we could return to the LEGO store and pick up the personalized bricks.  Both boys wanted a picture with the LEGO serpent close-up.

After the LEGO store, we had promised to let them go to "Once Upon a Toy", the large toy store at Downtown Disney.  Hubby and I had been trying to pick out a toy for GO and finally agreed on this "Baby Boo" (the little girl from Monsters, Inc).
Can you tell how much she loves her baby doll already?
Finally, we went back to the cabin to rest up before dinner.  The plan was to go to Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner, we had reservations for the African Buffet.  However, the directions for taking Disney Transportation weren't exactly "good", so we arrived 20 minutes late, plus the wait was already long.

Auntie Mimi entertained GO by letting her hold the pager.  The look on GO's face when it lit up and began to vibrate was adorable!
The pickings on the buffet were slim for me, so the chef prepared me a batch of fried chicken (soy milk/rice flour batter) and fresh french fries.  Along with the salads, it was quite enjoyable.

For dessert, I gathered a plate of food for everyone to try.
The Zebra Domes (top center of bottom picture) are suppose to be "the best desserts in Disney", but none of us were overly impressed with them.  I was expecting so much more...  We all really enjoyed the tiny mousse cups.
Upon leaving Boma, we had our most exciting "Disney moment".  We were trying to figure out how to get home to our cabin, and feeling pretty frustrated with the system (it had taken us over an hour to get to Boma).  There was a bus with the "Magic Kingdom" on it's marquee, so I knocked on the door and politely asked the driver how we could get home.

After chastising us (in her very southern way) for ever listening to a non-bus driver for directions, Rose invited us onto her "closed" bus.  She said she could leave straight-away to take us to the Magic Kingdom Ticket and Transportation System.  As we were driving in our "private" bus, Rose decided it really wouldn't be that much more trouble to just take us all the way to Fort Wilderness.

So we got a bus all to ourselves and a direct shot back home!  It's moments like this that just make Disney so special!

We snapped a picture of darling Rose, before she headed off into the night.

And we headed off to our cabin, to sleep late and be ready for our totally "free" day, at least that is the idea for Saturday!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

Fun Stuff!! I think the legos are my favorite and I love all the food pictures. They just make me hungry!