Walt Disney World Vacation - Day 3

Monday, February 1, 2010


Day 3 dawned quite early...the late night GO adventure didn't help much!
We were on our way to Epcot, with slight rains in the forecast - it wasn't slight at ALL!  It was already pretty cloudy when we arrived at the park.  GO remained bundled in her stroller.
But we got there so early, we were less than 10 rows from the entrance (in the AMAZE parking lot).
We headed straight to Soarin' - the ride that was suppose to be one of the best in Epcot.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Baby Swap?  GO especially liked this ride, because she was allowed to crawl around while the brother Caterpillars rode with each parent.
We then stood in line for Test Track (presented by GM, as all the signs will tell you), but got rained out when we were less than 5 minutes from entering the car.  So we started our walk towards Germany, where we were suppose to have an early lunch at Biergarten (a buffet restaurant).

We arrived a bit early, so we stored our gear inside the stroller (thank GOODNESS for the rain shield) and played around in one of the German stores.

GO very much liked having a pink sword and doing battle with her brothers.

She also loved the restaurant!
B10 and CW did an awesome job of trying new foods.  For dessert, I went through the buffet line and got samples of every dessert and each of us tried at least one bite of everything.
I was surprised by how much CW enjoyed Potato Leek soup!

Epcot has done a great job of trying to make the World Showcase more "child-friendly", starting with this cool mask that CW made.  As we traveled to each country, he received a stamp from that country, plus a cardboard hanging item (Germany was a teddy bear, Norway a Viking Ship, Japan an origami frog, etc).

He did a great job entertaining GO with his mask.
The Cast Member in China (and another in Japan) even wrote his name in a foreign language!  He said he can't wait to try it out at home.
We rode the rollercoster in Norway (no line, and GO could come with us!), and of course, when passing a Viking statue, B10 and CW had to have pictures taken.
By that time, the drizzle had let up, so we headed back to Test Track (presented by GM) to Baby Swap.  Luckily, this time all go to ride, and spent plenty of time indoors during the Baby Swap looking at the cool cars.
GO liked the cool cars, too.  Because (as you might remember) she likes to DRIVE!  ;)
And the rain began to pour again.  We had promised CW and B10 that we would do the "all new" Kim Possible missions, which I have to say were the highlight of Epcot for me.

CW received a secret mission and had to report to Italy to meet a secret agent.  When we got to Italy, there was a small covered wagon hidden behind one of the buildings and a secret agent gave him a cell phone and sent him on a mission to save Japan.

This was SO COOL!  As we walked around Japan, the cell phone actually activated certain things (he had to harness the power of water, fire and wind).

At the Koi Pond, water spurted when he activated his phone.

Then he searched for the wind chimes and they rang.

Then he made fire appear in this grey urn.

Finally, he had to go into the Toy Store and stand next to some pictures - and when he activated his phone a GIANT robot baby came out of the top of one of the displays!  You should have seen the other customers freak out!  It was so funny!
After he saved Japan, he had to deposit his secret agent phone in a secret drop-off location - with a tiny door that had a KP on it.

This really was one of Disney's brighter ideas...

By that time, we had to move quickly to take GO to the Baby Care center to change her and give her a little dinner.  We were having a Princess Dining Experience for her 1st Birthday, and didn't want to be late.  She wore her pretty green dress to meet the Princesses.

First, Belle was waiting at the entrance.

Then Cinderella came around, in her ballgown.

Snow White made it by our table, and you'll notice GO isn't nearly as upset tonight.

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), also visited us.

Finally, we were able to meet Ariel, who had legs and her ballgown, as opposed to flippers (fins?).

B10 and CW would make faces when I asked to take a picture of them with the Princesses, but as soon as any Princess began talking they were ALL excited to carry on a conversation - it was so funny...  :D

GO found the light sticks and wanted to eat them (and have another sword battle with her brothers).
We all enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere.

I had dumplings and mashed potatoes, it was SO good.  B10 had a herb-dusted beef tip dinner, that he was really excited about.  He is doing such a good job ordering off the adult menu.
Finally the Birthday Girl got her cake - in a Princess Treasure Box.
After dinner, it was B10's turn for a secret mission, this time we had to save the UK.  He had to head to a rose garden first.

Then to get a golf ball - which wouldn't work...  Luca, the shopkeeper, tried to force it to work, which was hilarious in itself.

Then on to the Tea Shop, where B10 gave the shopkeeper a code word and received a packet of Indian Spiced Chai tea, which he can't wait to try.

Finally, he and CW saved Kim Possible, before he had to return his secret agent phone.
Our last stop was Spaceship Earth and the cool interactive stuff at the bottom of Spaceship Earth.
Thus ended our wet and rainy day at Epcot, but, even though we were drenched and soggy we managed to do plenty and have a great time.

At home, everyone put on new pajamas, and tomorrow - our second Magic Kingdom day!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


Meredith said...

I am so impressed with all the fun new things at epcot!!! what fun it sounds like you had! I can't wait to hear all about it from the boys. I bet they have lots of great stories and memories! Love you guys!