Walt Disney World Vacation - Day 4

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Look at those poor babies sleeping...both of them!  (BTW - my only complaint about the cabin, a double bed is not really big enough for THREE of us!

Today was our second Magic Kingdom day, and it was going to POUR...they said "slight showers", but that wasn't even the start of it before lunch.

It was a DOWNPOUR from the time we got out of our car, until the time we got to the entrance of Magic Kingdom.  LOVE our stroller and LOVE the rain cover.  GO is the only one who stayed dry all day long.

We were able to walk onto Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear, then CW really wanted to ride the Astro Orbiter.  They actually let us take GO on it...

I was a little nervous, because it's 3 stories in the air, but GO loved it!  Hubby was in charge of taking pictures from high up.  (See the cloudy sky?)

The baby ducks were wandering around Tomorrowland with their mummy. (How great a life is that?  To be born in WDW!)  Our last stop in Tomorrowland was the Laugh Floor (Monsters Inc.) - BEST SHOW!  Cool technology and very funny!

Lunch was WAY early, but we wanted to stay dry, so off to Golden Oak Outpost.  I didn't get a picture, but I was attacked by a bird (literally swooped down onto my neck) and lost a chocolate cake.  WDW replaced it, but it was kind of scary.

After lunch, we learned to rope a post!

I think I did rather well!  CW and B10 were all about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in Adventureland, next, so we walked on over (and it was SUNNY!).  GO was allowed to ride this, also, and she loved the rocking of the boat.  Didn't enjoy the getting wet part, though.
They loved walking through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (B10 would like to read the book, now, so I'm excited about that).

Beautiful views inside the treehouse.
The Jungle Cruise had been closed because of the rain, but opened up long enough for us all to ride.  Our guide was very funny, B10 and CW even got many of his punny jokes.
GO slept the whole time.
Tom Sawyer's Island was next on our list of things to do during the rain-less time.  It's a whole island to explore, we all enjoyed the barrel bridge!
We tried to do a Baby Swap on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again, but ran into a problem.  B10, CW and I rode just fine, but while Hubby was on with the boys they had to shut it down.  B10 didn't panic (luckily, he has a fear of heights when sitting still), they were inside a tunnel, but had to be walked off and down the ride.  GO and I watched a quick parade while we were waiting.

The boys made it to us before the main part of the parade started.
Fantasyland was our destination in between the drizzles, for Peter Pan's Flight.  On our way around, we were able to meet Tigger and Eyeore!  GO was SO excited, until she got up close.
Both CW and B10 really wanted to do Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear again, so back to Tomorrowland, where CW lucked out and met Buzz!  (That's his favorite Disney guy!)

Then we rode the People Mover, VERY COOL - it takes you inside all the other rides.  B10 thought it was AWESOME to see the things he didn't even know were there.  Plus, you can get some very pretty pictures.
Finally, dinner - my most favorite part of this entire trip (very likely).  Liberty Tree Tavern Character Dining.

GO was already asleep, and B10 was being very sweet with her.

We met Chip and Dale, Pluto and my favorite MINNIE MOUSE!

I just LOVE her Revolutionary War Costume.  One of my favorite pictures of me and Boo is when the two of us met Minnie Mouse here.

Back at the cabin, GO put on her new t-shirt and, again, decided NOT to sleep! 

Tomorrow, Animal Kingdom!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


Meredith said...

Yay for pirates and Peter pan! My two favorite rides!!! :) I am sorry it is raining so much but it sounds like you are having great fun despite the rain! Miss you but am soooo glad you are there and having tons of fun!!!