Walt Disney World Vacation - Day 5

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Happy morning to everyone!  Wednesday is Animal Kingdom Day - and there were very few growls at our cabin this morning.  See the happiness?

Someone even gave GO her own banana to eat, luckily, she was still in her pajamas.
Here is our "early in the morning" picture, with everyone in their matching clothes, notice GO's adorable "creature" onesie?  B10 wore that when he was a wee one.

Wait....what happened to GO's cute outfit?  Seriously....enough with the vomiting all over your cute outfit, kid!
So, vomiting done (at least for now, but we'll get to that), we loaded up for Animal Kingdom.

Skies were suppose to be sunny, but we brought rain gear just in case.  Then we made the VERY long journey into the park.  Not that the walk is a long one, but they have cast members stationed every 20 feet with a bug/insect/critter/skeleton and chat with the children.  And we had to stop and talk to EVERY SINGLE ONE - because, if you know B10, it's impossible for him to walk past.

This lady had a rhino horn.  (B10 already knew that.)

This guy had a snake skeleton.  (B10 had a long discussion about it.)

This woman had horns of the cute critter in the bush.  (B10 learned the difference between antlers and horns.)

And this woman just wanted B10 to go away.  She made the mistake of trying to "outsmart" him involving spiders.  When she got to the part, trying to correct him, that ALL creatures with 8 legs were arachnids (emphasis hers), HE explained that that wasn't exactly true, they also had to have an exoskeleton, because an octopus has 8 legs and is not a spider.

 No, I did NOT laugh where he could hear me.

After getting inside the park, we made a quick stop to meet Pooh Bear, Tigger and Eyeore.  By that time, GO was worn out and ready for her nap.

B10, CW and I were all excited about Expedition Everest!  Wicked cool rollercoaster, but the first time we rode it, CW and I were in the front and that was SCARY!
Hubby wasn't feeling well, and the rollercoaster didn't help matter any.  We strolled along and watched the monkeys, listened to a few street performers and even let B10 and CW join in.

He was still feeling poorly, so we made our way to Rafki's Planet Watch (by train), it's a backstage area, where the vets work and you can even watch surgeries if you come at the right time.

CW hung out at the KidStop area, while B10 and I took GO inside to look at the animals.  Jiminy Cricket was there taking photos, which we had to get.
Outside the building was the "Affection Station", where you could "love" on the animals.  CW did enjoy brushing the hair of the various critters.

B10 really wanted to see the show.  This is his face BEFORE I made him stop answering every question.

(He, correctly, pointed out that no one else was answering questions at all, but still...)  GO liked the show, at least the first part, but we weren't able to stay for the entire thing.

We did get to see a small barn owl and a Scarlet Macaw.

It was time for our lunch reservation, at Tusker House (African fare), though Hubby was still feeling poorly.  We arrived, and B10 took GO and helped her to dance on the table to pass the time and keep her happy.
CW also took photos, which I will blog when I return - WDW through their eyes!

That worked for a bit, but Hubby kept feeling worse.  Finally, as we were being seated, he also yaked in a bush.  Thus bringing our vomiting count to twice today.

The food was incredible, so I was really sad that Hubby did not get to enjoy it.  He held GO and nibbled on bread (she was falling back asleep).

B10, CW and I especially enjoyed the desserts.

And, may I say, this is one of the funniest things ever to me - the Caterpillars thought this was an exhibit, because they didn't know what pay phones were...

This was our awesome hostess, Monnish, who took care of us AND made sure that Hubby was feeling okay (bringing him water and checking on him).
With Hubby feeling queasy, still, we chose to use our Fastpasses for Kilimajaro Safaris.  The animals were out in full force (GO was wide awake and watching), but I won't bore you with the 150 photos we took while on safari.  Here are a couple of the better ones.  B10 and CW had to share the camera, but they were so cute wanting to take photos!

Hubby wasn't quite as naseous when we got off the ride, but we decided to stay off the rides for a little longer and see "It's Tough to Be a Bug" at the Tree of Life (beautiful!).  The Tree of Life is my favorite park "thing", I love it even more than the ball at Epcot and the castle at Magic Kingdom!

B10 and I rode Dinosaur, but CW thought it was too loud this morning, so he waited outside with Hubby.  He ate his ice cream while we were on the ride, but B10 got his after.  I had to ask him to hurry, with chocolate flowing down his arm, as we walked back to Asia.  They LOVE those Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Cones.

The boys and I rode Expedition Everest one more time, Hubby decided to wait on the ground with GO, before we had pizza for dinner.

Then it was home to the cabin to wait for our "BIG SURPRISE" to arrive!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

I didn't know that your Hubby got sick!! I hope he is feeling better...or at least it was a 24 hour thing, so he could enjoy the rest of the trip. I LOVED the pictures at the beg. of Animal Kingdom the one with B10 and the spider woman made me LOL, she probably just wanted him to go away!! HA!!! How dare she pretend like she knows more about bugs?!

Meredith said...

I bet B10 was in heaven all day! I love that he outsmarted the spider lady... He is so smart!