Walt Disney World Vacation - Day 6

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Day 6 dawned WARM and SUNNY!  It was so nice outside, I could hardly stand it.  We actully left the rain gear at home.

Since Mimi was here, we had to take the Disney Transportation - a bus - to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

We were told to make a MAD DASH for Toy Story Mania when the park opened, and even though we practically RAN there (only stopping to meet one of the "Little Green Solider Toys"), we still had to wait in line for 30 minutes.

At least we got to "meet" Mr. Potato Head in line.

We grabbed Fastpasses, so we could ride again after lunch, then it was off to ride Tower of Terror.  CW was a bit nervous, but really enjoyed it (both times)!

Lunch was our Character Dining at Hollywood and Vine with Leo and June from Little Einstiens and Jojo and Goliath from Jojo's Circus.  GO was asleep for a while, on her daddy:

But the boy Caterpillars were really excited.  (Even though they were trying to hide it.)

B10 acted really cool during the meal, but when Jojo and Goliath came up, he was the first one on his feet, telling them how much he loved their show.

What was so cool about this meal was that the Playhouse Disney Pals came out and danced.

GO loved that part, she boogied down in her highchair (Hubby was holding on the whole time).

The Hubby and the Caterpillars did the "Bear Cha-cha-cha" around the resturant.

Our notes had down that we were celebrating birthdays this week, so they brought us cupcakes.  GO loved her cupcake!

Our second trip around Toy Story Mania was awesome - of course I say that after having winning twice... ;)  B10 and CW had their picture taken with one of the books in "Andy's Room" - the Boy Scout Handbook.
GO was fascinated by the stone lion.

Singing in the Rain!!!!

Everyone was excited about Star Tours, but the best part was that we let B10 and CW design and make their light sabers!

Snack time!  Hubby got the chocolate-covered shortbread cookie.
B10 really enjoyed his HUGE chocolate muffin.

We were all thrilled to meet Handy Manny!  (We told him Little Sheep and Baby Sheep would be visiting him in the fall, and he said he couldn't wait to meet them!)

June was there after lunch, but this time she brought Quincy with her and left Leo at home, so we had to get our picture taken again.  Plus, Rocket Ship was there.

Dinner was at Pizza Planet, which we had hoped to all eat out, but they didn't have anything I could eat.

Plus, everything was closing, so I was out of luck in the Park, ugh!  We headed back to the resort (after picking up the light sabers on the way out).

We had to ride the bus, with GO doing a great job of holding on to the pole.  ;)

By the time we got back to our cabin, I was STARVING.  The take-out places were closed, but with and amazing bit of Disney service, I was seated at the full service buffet resturant 15 minutes before close.  Then the chef came out and walked the buffet line with me (to help me figure out what I could eat with my allergies).

I had 24 oz of steak (yes, you read that right - NY Strip), two salads (with Raspberry Dressing), corn, rice, bowl of veggie soup, two bowls of chili and a delicious bowl of Rice Ice Cream - SO good!  They truly saved the day and I headed back to the cabin thinking I would never be hungry again.  I can't wait to bring the family back on Saturday!

Tomorrow is our day at Downtown Disney and the LEGO store!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

I am glad you guys had a pretty day! And Hollywood Studios looks like SO much fun! I can't wait to take the Sheep there!!

Meredith said...

And yet another fun day!!! Looks like GO had a blast. And I cannot wait to see the boys light sabers! Awesome!!! I am so impressed with your meal as well! Yay for Disney!