Savannah - Day Two

Saturday, May 9, 2009


The view of our campsite this morning was beautiful!

We woke up and made breakfast: snasage, bananas, bread and cereal. The Caterpillars enjoyed a bit of running around (wearing their helmets..."just in case there is an angry snake in a tree that falls on our heads").

We cleaned up the campsite, while GO sat in her swing and observed the "nature".

After letting go of the critters that had been caught, we got in the truck and left.
We drove towards Tybee Island and stopped at Fort Pulaski on the way. Ft. Pulaski is unique in that General Robert E. Lee (when at West Point) was actually trained as an engineer and had a hand in planning the fort, not even imagining that one day he would be called to defend it during the Civil War.

We just happened to arrive in time for the cannon firing renactment (with the actually firing of cannons)! After hearing two, I find it hard to believe that any soldier made it out of the Civil War with their hearing intact.

After the renactment, we came back to the Main Visitor Center, where a sweet park ranger named "Phay" asked the Caterpillars if they would like to earn the Fort Pulaski Jr. Park Ranger Badge. She spent almost 45 minutes working with them and checking their assignments, before awarding them their badges. It was one of my favorite parts of the day!

Near Fort Pulaski is the John Wesley Monument, marking where he came to America and preached. It was a pretty half-mile walk through a canopy of trees.

Lunch today was at the Tybee Island Crab Shack. It was as much as a novelty as a resturant, considering after the meal the Caterpillars were able to feed "Gator Treats" to the pit of alligators!

They had cane fishing poles to put the treats on, then you dangle them into the pit.

Our afternoon was spent driving around the area. We stopped on our driving tour of Savannah for a quick pick-me-up of Frosties and Fries!
Back at Skidaway Island we went to the long trail to take a family hike.

On the 3.5 mile trail, there was an observation deck. The beautiful view was admired by Hubby and I, while the Caterpillars enjoyed catching the hundreds of small crabs that scurried about beneath the trail bridge.

CW picked up a brochure and we stopped at each point to identify the trees and plants on the trail. CW liked touching the different barks.

We headed back to the campsite for dinner (hamburger soup) and B10 managed to find even more critters, before his shower and bedtime.

~Lone Butterfly )i(