Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2009


For Memorial Day we spent the morning and afternoon with Cookie and Doc.

Doc wanted us to visit the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, then have a quick lunch at McDonald's before going to see Star Trek (yes, again!).

Cookie fixed breakfast and had the educational handheld games for the car rides and we headed off!

The drive was about an hour and a half, but was very nice. The museum had many sections, including a rotating special exhibit hall.

The current special exhibit was about cardboard models. Everything was made of cardboard and was so cool!

In the special exhibit area they had a place where you could "build" your own model. CW did the "easy" one himself, while Doc helped him with the more advanced folding models.

GO was wide awake, and didn't cry much at all. She moved between her Daddy, Cookie and myself and kept a happy face the whole time.

Near the Forge area, the Caterpillars could use crayons and take a rubbing of the various types of trains.

Doc enjoyed walking the Caterpillars around the Forge, where they showed how the actual trains were made.

This was an awesome exhibit where the Caterpillars shifted their bodies and the cameras picked up the movement. By doing this - they "moved" the train. (Even Hubby got in on it, after the Caterpillars moved to the computers.)

The Caterpillars did enjoy dressing up in the Children's Room. I would have had a ton of pictures, if I could have gotten them to sit still longer!

Cookie and Doc with the Caterpillars. It's hard to believe B10 (and CW) are going to be taller than Doc when they are grown!

Towards the end of the museum there was a 25 minute documentary about Andrew's Raid and href="">the Great Locomotive Chase (a story imortalized by Disney). I was surprised by how much the Caterpillars enjoyed the movie. GO simply slept!

This is the actual "General" from the Great Locomotive Chase. The other engine involved is also restored, but in another location about 50 miles away.

Mum wanted to get the Caterpillars something special, which worked out perfectly, because both Caterpillars really wanted a bag of marbles! (Which were very reasonably priced - only 15 cents per marble!!) Then Mum took a moment to snap a quick family photo at the old traincar outside the museum.
After our movie, we had a great dinner at Mere and C's house. C loves to grill -and does an amazing job every time! It was such a great Memorial Day!

~Lone Butterfly )i(