It's the End of the World, As We Know It...

Monday, May 11, 2009


...or at least the end of our vacation...
We packed up early this morning to check out of Skidaway Island State Park. Hubby dressed GO in her first outfit of the day. It was so adorable I had to take pictures (even though she spit up and we had to change her shortly after).

B10 did a great job of helping us pack up the inside.
CW helped Hubby pack up the outside. They both were wonderful this weekend about helping around the camper.

We didn't drive far to our first destination.

Our morning was spent on Skidaway Island at the UGA Marine Extension Center. The University of Georgia has a campus on the island for Marine Biology students. B10 really wants to go to UGA (for their entomology program), and was excited to see any part of UGA. They have an aquarium onsite. There were all sorts of fish, sharks, crabs, snails and a half-mile trail around the campus. It was one of those great hidden surprises.

Look at this happy face - she loved the marine animals. It's the first time she's actually been able to "interact" with us at a place of interest.
After the marine center, we drove over to Tybee Island. We had lunch at Vinnie's Pizza Parlor. The Caterpillars each had a small personal pizza, while Hubby and I enjoyed a simple slice each.
We walked back to the beach from lunch and the Caterpillars made a run for the water. GO and I hung out for a bit on the swing, before Hubby came to carry her down to the Atlantic Ocean for her first "dip" (toes only).

After her dip in the ocean (which she did NOT enjoy), GO fell asleep in my arms as we rocked in the swing.

The beach was beautiful, even though beaches aren't my favorite.

The Caterpillars were not thrilled to have to come in out of the water, but 45 minutes of playing in the sand and sun was enough for all of us.

The drive began after our beach layover. We were lucky to get off the island when we did, there was a wreck on the one bridge that led in and out and we would have been stuck on the island for another 3-4 hours, meaning it would have been after midnight or 1 a.m. before we got home. It was our good fortune to get on the road before that. We stopped for an afternoon snack at McDonald's. B10, again, kept GO entertained. She loves watching him and his funny faces.

Is this not the most adorable face? If only she had kept it on for the entire 5 hour trip! Luckily, as soon as we got to Cookie's house (and she got held), her happy face returned.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Meredith said...

What a fantastic family vacay! :) I'm quite jealous!!!