Cub Scout Camping

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Our Scouting Family
This weekend was our Spring Family Camping for Cub Scouts. Hubby took Friday off work, so we could get everything together and leave early. I was in charge of planning this camp along with one of my friends in the Pack.
We arrived at the campsite early (around 2 p.m.) and set up the tents rather quickly. Then Hubby took a break to love on GO while B10 and CW ran around with their friends.
She likes nature, but didn't enjoy being put in the swing while we were setting up! She was ready for her daddy to hold her.

We camped in the same spot as we did during the Fall Camping Trip. It was so great to be with King and Queen and also have one of our new friends close by.

The Scouts hung out, eating popcorn and smores. I hadn't planned any activities for Friday night (so people could get set up) and that worked pretty well. Both CW and B10 enjoyed being with their friends.

I took all the older Scouts (and some siblings) on a night hike to search for bugs, which was well received by everyone (even CW). Then we crawled into our tents to sleep (later than usual for a camping night).

We woke up early this morning to bad weather reports. The Cubmaster and I made the decision that we would compact the Saturday/Sunday activities into one day and finish by 4 p.m. That way people could leave on Saturday if they wanted. Except for the groups staying until Monday - everyone else decided to begin packing up. This meant our Opening Ceremony was a bit later than we had expected. It was very cool, though, how the oldest Scouts were the Honor Guard carrying the flag to be hoisted into the tree.

There were four science stations that were planned and Hubby's station was first, out in a field of red Georgia mud. He was doing the Mentos in a Diet Cola trick and also helping the Scouts make plastic bag bombs out of vinegar and baking soda. As you can imagine, it was a very popular (and sticky) station!

Three of the four stations were under the main pavilion, as was lunch. A few of our Dads cooked hot dogs over an open fire and everyone brought a dish to share.

GO sat in her swing under the pavilion, at least while napping. When she was awake, someone was always ready to pick her up.

The final station had a few cool center of gravity tricks that the Scouts got to try. Some of them got very frustrated when they couldn't beat them!

We took a few pictures of the Caterpillars and the other Scouts their age. Almost all of Hubby's Den came camping, while both boys in my Den were there.
(Looking at these boys, I swear it's like two Tom Sawyers and B10 is the barely put together Huck Finn in the middle...)

The rain came right at 3:45 pm - right as we were gathering to have our Closing Ceremony. I can't tell you how excited I was that we finished all the activities and everyone who was leaving had enough time to pack up their cars (with the exception of a couple of tarps that belonged to the Royal Family).

We headed home, with a brief stop at McDonald's (with the Royal Family) for dinner. The Caterpillars spent the night at Cookie's house (B10 really wanted to sleep with his kitten, Jezebel).

GO was just excited to have a bath and be clean! We will sleep good tonight!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keetha said...

GO is grow, grow, GROWING and getting cuter by the minute.

BooSheep said...

I love the family picture of you guys. You guys look great! (And I love the Huck Finn reference...too funny;)