Four Month Check-Up

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hubby couldn't come with us to GO's 4 month check-up. Sadly,we also had a misplaced Abigail! Luckily, Miss Alligator seems to calm GO down a little (not as much as Abigail, but I wanted to bring SOMETHING).

GO is meeting all her developmental milestones, but is having a bit of an issue with her growth. She's only gained 12 ounces in the past month, which puts her completely off the chart (on the bottom...which is not a good thing).

We've been told to begin her on veggies and more cereal. Hopefully she'll gain weight, but either way we'll be back in the office at 5 months to check again. If she is still showing very small, the doctor will begin some testing.

Her current stats (it's like she's an athlete...see the Colts outfit?) are:

10 pounds 13 ounces

23 inches

size 0-3 month clothes (finally!)

Please keep her in your prayers.

~Lone Butterfly )i(