I've Got This Little Boy

Sunday, May 31, 2009


He may seem like a big boy, he's nine and almost as tall as I am, with huge feet and long legs.

And sometimes it's hard to be his Mummy, especially when his attitude seems as big as he is.

But sometimes, he shows up at my bedroom door - and it's 10:45 at night (he's suppose to have been asleep for 15 minutes by now) and he's crying. He's scared that the tadpoles he caught earlier today are sitting ducks for the cats at his grandmother's house. And his heart is breaking.

So, I put on my shoes and pick up my phone and we drive to Cookie's house. And we find a bigger tub for the tadpoles (with rocks for them to hide under and shade if they want it from the sun tomorrow). And we feed them a little fish food. And we sit with them to say goodnight.

Then I stand in the bathroom as he scrubs his arms from fingertips to elbows and listen as he says "thank you for listening to me". And we head home so he can fall into bed and sleep.

And I know it's tonight that he'll remember. Nights like this. And I'm so proud to be his Mum.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


momofbugs said...

You are such a good mommy!!!

Meredith said...

So sweet! B10 has such a wonderful heart! You are a wonderful mummy!!!