Headed Down the Highway...

Friday, May 8, 2009


...Searching for Adventure!

It's time for a family vacation! Hubby got TWO days off of work (a huge feat right now), so we drove to Savannah for the weekend. We took the pop-up camper to Skidaway Island State Park for a four day adventure.

We packed the car on Thursday night and left EARLY Friday morning to try and beat traffic out of the city. Hubby had to pump up the tires on the pop-up.

We arrived at Skidaway Island before lunch and the Caterpillars helped to set up the pop-up (very enthusiastically).

Well, GO watched and "supervised".

After we got the camper set-up, we took a tour of the island and found a place for lunch called The Omelet House.

With a bit of free time, before our big event out, the Caterpillars had a blast playing around the campsite (it's HUGE - almost three times the size of the campsite we had over Thanksgiving).

B10 has been saving his money since Christmas, and today he took us out to the movies in downtown Savannah. We all went to see Star Trek (bar none, my favorite movie ever - it was amazing and I predict will break all sorts of movie records and totally revive the Star Trek World). We helped him pay for the popcorn/Cokes, but he was very proud to be able to pay for the tickets, himself.

I had put pot roast into the crock pot before we left, so we headed back to Skidaway Island for a short hike (Sandpiper Trail - 0.9 mile long), then to our campsite for dinner.

Everyone but GO took a shower, and CW had picked out Stuart Little 2 to watch on my DVD player. GO fell asleep quickly (and slept for 8 hours!), while B10 and CW watched the movie before falling asleep.

Before jammies and after jammies!

It was a good day and a good night.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keetha said...

Our first camper was a Starcraft.

Not NEARLY as new as yours appears to be. Hehehehehehehe