Thanksgiving Camping - Day 3

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

We woke up early today, and left GO in her sleep sack over her jammies while we went out to the morning campfire.

The Caterpillars were already awake and dressed quickly to sit with the Royal Family.  Prince had his camera out and was enjoying taking photos of CW and GO.

B10 was simply enjoying eating.

We decided to have a morning around the campsite today, in preparation for our big feast.  King worked with B10 and Hubby on knot-tying.  (Always a handy thing for a Cub Scout or Cub Scout Leader to know!)

CW and Prince spent their morning climbing trees.

Queen prepared a Pumpkin Pie in the Dutch Oven (and an Apple/Sweet Potato Crisp, plus I made rolls).

It was delightful!  GO worked on her standing and walking with Hubby.

We gathered at our campsite for the Thanksgiving Lunch - very "traditional" with turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, rolls, green bean casserole and the Apple/Sweet Potato Crisp.  For our special meal, we even had Ginger Ale for everyone to drink.

B10 and Prince worked with King and Hubby to build a fire.  It's part of their Cub Scout requirements and they did a great job!

After lunch, GO and I laid down, just long enough for GO to get some lovely bedhead!

Then we headed out (everyone except King) for a short 1 mile hike.

The Caterpillars did awesome and GO loved the nature as much as her brothers do!

It was such a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am so glad that we have created a tradition for our family that is special and also different.  Plus, it helps us remember so much of what Thanksgiving should be about: friends, food and the wonderful world that God has given us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(