My First One! (Only 100 left)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So, today I am able to cross of my first task on my list.  I added it on there, knowing that I wanted to do it - but that it would be helpful to have an extra incentive to actually DO it.

Ever since I was 17 (and got my driver's license) I have been listed as an Organ Donor.  But, I wanted to make it more official, so I have now registered with the Georgia Website (an official form).

I cannot imagine what would happen if I were to die.  I can't.  It's painful to even think about my children growing up without their Mum.  BUT if that tragedy were to ever happen, I want my family to know - without a shadow of a doubt - what my wishes are.

PLEASE, if there is a piece of me that can save another Mum, so she can be with her children - let them take it.  If my eyes can help another person see God's creation for the first time, PLEASE let them take it.  If my heart can beat on and another family can be spared losing a loved one, I am asking that you said goodbye to me and give that person a chance.

There are so many parts that can be donated: heart, lungs, eyes, intestines, liver, pancreas, kidneys, skin grafts, heart valves, even bones.

God will have a new body for me, I have no need of the one I'm leaving behind.  It is my greatest wish that I'll be so old when I die that no one wants me, but if God has other plans, PLEASE honor my wishes.

If you've never given thought to organ donation, or have more questions - or if you've never made your wishes public - I encourage you to do so. is a National Website that can help.

Give your family the peace of mind (either way you choose) that they are following your wishes.

~Lone Butterfly  )i(