GO's Beth Hadid

Saturday, November 7, 2009


This weekend we held GO's Beth Hadid Ceremony.  Her baby dedication was during the 11 am service on Sunday, so Saturday evening we had our family and a few friends over to celebrate GO's life and the joy she has brought to our home.

We have a delicious spread - GO's Godmother (her Mimi) flew in from Maryland/DC to help me with the food.

We had a few things from Publix...they have the best bakery around for cakes.  Plus we ordered wraps (the extras would serve as Hubby's lunch for a week).

Lots of fruits and veggies rounded out the tables, and homemade deviled eggs (mostly for Uncle Sheep).

Baby Sheep (who, as most of my readers remember shares a birthday with GO) was there with her whole family.  I loved this picture, because the two of them are so alert and ready to walk, but the difference in size is huge!

I just love their little toes!

Mere came also, and she held GO (who communicated with Sprout - the baby due in January, and who will be GO's playmate next year).

So many people came to join us.  Thank you to all our guests at the Beth Hadid and to the family members that attended the baby dedication on Sunday.

It means so much to us that you would share our special day and write letters for GO to open on her 18th birthday and truly experience our blessing with our family.

~Lone Butterfly  )i(