Thanksgiving Camping - Day 2

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Normally I would say...early to bed, early to rise...but, GO didn't let us get to bed very early!  Still didn't seem to matter, we didn't sleep very late.

The Royals wake up very early and had a warm fire ready for us.  B10 and CW helped carry our chairs over and we ate a great breakfast.  GO had yogurt and sat with her Daddy happily next to the warm fire.

She got a little chilly, so Hubby put her in his fleece and she enjoyed that for a bit.

Today's breakfast meat was bacon - YUMMY!  (Okay, not for me, because I don't eat pork, but B10 loved it.)

You can see the beautiful view between campsites.

After breakfast, Queen and I made sandwiches and we packed up to go on a 1.5 mile hike.

I was so proud of the kids, who all carried their own hiking stick and didn't once complain about the length of the trail.

Hubby carried GO in his arms, and she enjoyed the nature.

We found a really cool bone (cattle, we think) and B10 picked it up to show me the bone fragment stuff inside.

We ate our lunch by the river.  What was funny is that all the kids jumped up at once, and the adults almost fell off the other side!  My green apple, luckily, was the only casualty.

We headed back to the camper, so I could start dinner (crockpot lasagana) and try to give GO her afternoon nap.  Instead she figured out she could stand and hold onto the shelf, as she kept trying to get Hubby's gum!

Finally, she passed out for a few hours and we had a delicious dinner (again, I assume it was delicious, everyone wanted seconds and I had a turkey sandwich).

CW made his "take a picture" adorable as his sister last night!

Meanwhile, Queen snuggled with GO.  (GO LOVES her Auntie Marina!)

It didn't put her to sleep, but after the boys showered they went to the Royals' camper to watch a movie.  We let GO watch another Sesame Street in our camper, and she ended up falling asleep a LITTLE earlier...but every bit counts!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


Meredith said...

Oh sweet GO!!! It looks like you had a wonderful camping trip for Thanksgiving! AND, I'd LOVE the recipe for the crockpot lasagna!