Virtual House Party!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A few weeks ago I was selected as one of 1,250 people in America to host a Kodak Gallery House Party.  This exciting event will take place tomorrow night, where my guests will enjoy delicious food (THANKS COOKIE!), check out the nifty Kodak Gallery photo stuff that I have and then leave with 40% off coupons of their own.

BUT - lots of people can't join us tomorrow, so I thought I would have a virtual party on my blog.  If you've like what you see, leave me a comment and I'll send you the guest prize (a 40% off coupon code) - good after the "live" version of the party.

First - the Kodak Gallery site.  This is where you upload pictures.  Kodak Gallery holds onto your pictures, though they do have a minimum per year (rolling 12 months) that you have to purchase.  Personally - I have TONS of photos uploaded there and the $19.99 every 12 months is very easy for me to meet.  That is the higher threshold, if you have a smaller number of photos "stored" on the site, it's only $4.99 every 12 months.

I have personally used the Site for many gifts.  I absolutely love the photo books, even if the "new" version of the site took a little getting use to.  In the past, I've made photo books of all our vacations.  B10 and CW still pull out "their" books and read them.

I made an absolutely beautiful photo book of GO's birth.  I love the fact that I was able to use lots of text to tell the story (on special text pages) and lots of photos.  I am not a huge fan of "baby" books, the pastels and such just aren't my thing.  Being able to make a black photos book, with beautiful black and white swirls personalized GO's birth book for me.

I also use the site to print out photos for Christmas Cards and other cards during the year.  I have been trying to send out photos of the Caterpillars at least twice a year (if not more often).  To save money, I buy Christmas Cards in January.  Now, this may seem crazy, but it means that I can already have my Christmas Cards addressed and signed by October.  Then, I just take my family photo in October (the leaves have changed by that time, so it's a pretty Fall photo - and since it doesn't really snow here in Georgia - that works for Christmas).  Hubby and I pick our favorites and upload them to print at less than $0.10 per photo.

Basically, I spend less than $6.00 to send photos to all our friends and family - the grandparents and other relatives LOVE that.  Plus, I get everything in the mail by Thanksgiving and I seem on top of things!  (What a great feeling during the holidays!)

I've also made photo mugs - they've turned out well, BUT you need to use the right photo.  I recommend lighter photos rather than darker ones.  Also, the higher quality photo the higher quality end-product.  Most (while not all) of the complaints I have heard about from the site have been either user-error or poor quality photos to begin with...  Kodak is great, but they aren't magicians!

For my family, who's invested in a very nice camera, this is a great alternative to having professional photos taken.  Being homeschooled, we don't have anyone taking school photos twice a year, so this is a great alternative (and much cheaper!).

Before this "fancy" camera, though, I had two point and shoot basic digital cameras.  And I was still able to get great photos printed with them.  I even have a few black and white photos that are 8x10 hanging in my hallway - when I took B10 to Gatlinburg he took my camera and snapped a few shots.  They turned out to be beautiful nature photos (from The Great Smokey Mountains National Park).  For less than $10 I have 3 framed photos that most people think are professionally done (or at least not done by a 7 year old!).

So, thank you for joining my "party".  Browse the website and feel free to ask me any questions.  If you leave a comment saying you attended - expect the coupon code in your inbox!

Sorry I couldn't also send the chocolate covered strawberries!  :D

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

Thank you for the awesome coupons! I can't wait to get started on the book, I just hope my computer will keep up. I had fun... I am glad I got to stop by (& eat the strawberries) :) Thanks!