Thanksgiving Camping - Day 5

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Our final morning was similar to the other three, we gathered around the campfire for one last breakfast.

Hubby and I let B10 and CW play, while we packed up the camper.

B10 found an awesome katydid!

GO slept for a while on the bed in the camper.

Then she hung on Hubby while he worked to clean up the outside of the campsite.

After we were loaded and hooked up, we all drove to the State Park Entrance and took family photos.

Then we let the kids go out onto the bridge and toss sticks over one side to let the "race" under the bridge and over the waterfall.


I used my new telephoto lens to get a great shot of them leaning out of the windows.

Hubby took each child, individually, out onto the rock dam wall to look at the cool mechanical things.

Then we were done!  Another Thanksgiving at Watson Mill Bridge State Park comes to a close.
We've already discussed going even further away next year!

~Lone Butterfly  )i(