Thanksgiving Camping - Day 1

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We had a great plan for this year's Thanksgiving Camping Trip.  Queen and I left early with the Caterpillars and our camper.  The idea was for us to get to the State Park and check-in for both families.  Then we could pick out our sites and get our camper set up.

Hubby and King came down with the Royal's camper, after Prince and Princess got out of school.  Queen was responsible for dinner, she had tacos and we were able to have it ready pretty early.

B10 and CW were great in helping us set up the camper.  And they loved playing in the woods, looking for hiking sticks.

We sat around a roaring campfire and really enjoyed our first peaceful night at the campsite.

Unfortunately, by 10 pm, GO was wide awake.  I mean WIDE AWAKE.  We tried feeding her yogurt bites to fill her tummy...but that didn't work.

The boy Caterpillars read a little and then feel right asleep.

GO remained awake, no matter what we tried.  I mean, do you see this face?

Finally, a little after midnight, she was done with her wiggling and feel asleep.  It did take an episode of Sesame Street!  (Good thing I brought my laptop.)

~Lone Butterfly  )i(