Cooking Lessons

Monday, March 3, 2008


Food has always been an adventure in our home, between my severe allergies and Husband striving to become a healthier eater, but it goes beyond that.

One of the achievements I am most proud of as a parent is that B10 and CW will try almost anything (at least once). B10 is a huge sushi fan, and he and Husband are constantly trying new types. CW tends to enjoy the more European fare - and I was stunned when he began trying various uncommon cheeses with his Italian food.

They are both relatively healthy eaters, they enjoy salads with dinner and while they have a sweet tooth, it's not all-consuming. Carrots and such are yummy!

So, as part of their Homeschooling Home Economics lessons, and just as general life lessons, we've been allowing them to help us cook meals. CW is still in the "open cans and pour them" phase.

This is his effort last night, he made the pizza pasta casserole all by himself (even turning on the oven and setting the timer). I had to pull the hot dish out of the oven, but otherwise it was all his doing. He was especially excited about being able to tear off the tinfoil and cover the dish.

B10 helped today with the cooking of the sausage for our red beans and rice, and we cooked extra sausage for our Jambalaya. He's allowed to use a knife with supervision, and actually stir things on the stove that might have hot grease.

For B10 we are focusing on meals that take time, and preperations that aren't instant gratification in the form of food. We talked about how beans have to have time to soak up the water and get soft, and how flavor is added, and how salt makes beans tough when added before the beans are done.

With luck (and another ten years of training or so) both boys will feel comfortable in the kitchen, being able to plan meals, shop for groceries, and cook a wide variety of healthy food. I really enjoy when a "school lesson" translates so easily into a "how to be an adult" lesson. It's those times that give me a little sense of success!

~Lone Butterfly )i(