3rd Grade Geography

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This year we have begun History & Geography lessons. I chose to use LifePac, which is what we use for Math. I didn't use their 1st and 2nd Grade curriculum, because it was very "social" (feelings, communities, civic helpers, etc). Starting with 3rd Grade, though, it begins with actual History & Geography.

The first book is focused on the Fishing Communities of Maine. Deer Isle, Maine to be exact.

B10 is absolutely loving Geography. I am very pleased with how well-written the story is, and the fact that it's about a real town (not a fictional conglomerate of Maine), has given us some handy real-life learning tools.

This is B10 with his 50 States Fandex. He found the State of Maine in the Fandex and we learned about the state bird (Chickadee) and the state tree (white pine). I think I love Geography, because it's not just one book.

If you look at the picture around B10, you can see him working in his 50 state workbook (which had a cool maze and secret code to find out Maine's State Tree (White Pine Tree). Next to him is his Fandex (a gift from Granddaddy, Jr and Minnie Mouse). Behind him is the US Map of the National Forests and his LifePac Geography Book. What you can't see are the printouts from the Chamber of Commerce in Deer Isle - Stonington, Maine. Or the Travel Guide to Maine that hasn't arrived yet (it's coming in B10's name).

We've gotten to see actual pictures of quarries and sunsets, coastlines and fishing boats, the things B10 reads about have come to life.

Geography could easily become my favorite subject!

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

Now you guys are going to have to plan a trip to Maine! I bet B-10 can't wait for that!

Matt said...

I've always loved geography too! So many places to learn about and see.