Playing Catch-Up

Monday, August 4, 2008


I found a bunch of pictures on my camera from July, when the Caterpillars were gone. I figure the easiest thing to do will be to upload each event one and a time, and blog as I go.

It'll be JUST LIKE I blogged for the entire month of July, and all ya'll forgot to check my blog.

One of my favorite Mondays in July was when BooSheep brought Little Sheep out to our local park attraction. Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse came down to visit (bringing a new GPS device for Hubby and I) and they loved taking us all out to the park.

We spent the first hour playing at the large playground. I got to go up into the play structure with Little Sheep and we had a blast together.

I also found this crazy cool skink, that B10 is very excited about, even though all he got was this photo.

After the playground we spent some time wandering through the shops and watching a couple of shows. Lunch was at my favorite resturant where they serve yeast rolls, fried dill pickles, and cinnamon fries (among other things).

As you can see, Little Sheep is as equally enthralled with Granddaddy's food as he is with his own. Granddaddy had fried okra! The face you see is Little Sheep begging for more fried okra to appear in his mouth! :)

Before Little Sheep went home to take his afternoon nap we went to the Backyard Circus. Little Sheep was more befuddled that impressed, I think.

After the Sheeps left for naptime, Granddaddy, Minnie Mouse, and I rode the train, did a little geocaching, and some highwire harness work. It was a great day, in a great place.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keetha said...

Little Sheep has great taste if he loves fried okra!!!