Where Have I Been?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Lots of things happened in the last 20 days. We'll pretend it's easier to read in a list form:

1) The Caterpillars spent time in Kentucky with their Dad and just returned home on Saturday. We are now in the "re-adjustment phase" of rentering the real world (ie: Mummy's house).

2) There has been a lot of geocaching going on. See photos here and here.

3) I've been working on walking more. So far I've made it to Stone Mountain 3 times with my friend, Meredith. She's done a nice job of remembering to blog it. See here.

4) sweet! catered a wedding for 200, and it was a lovely use of many (many, many) hours of mine and Edelweiss' time. I want Edelweiss' camera. Why, you ask? These pictures. It was a great feeling to accomplish this event, and Edelweiss was patient with me on my baking and cooking learning curve.

5) Daddy and Minnie Mouse gave BooSheep and I beautiful nail files. The sleeve for the nail files were missing, and I finally found them today - which had the website on the back. I have decided I need more nail files, and they might be my newest "standby gifts" for everyone. Crystal nail files are awesome. Snazzy Creation Crystal Nail Files are my favorites.

6) Sickness hasn't gone away, but at least now I know why. I'm seeing a brand new doctor on Monday. I'll give an update then.

7) I need to do lots of laundry. I hate laundry. Sadly, hating laundry DOES NOT make it go away.

8) I need a vacation.

~Lone Butterfly )i(


Keetha said...

I went and looked at all the wedding catering pictures - - - that stuff ALL looks yummy!