Camping - Day One

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Before our friends went back to school, I took off a few days and we went camping together.
The Caterpillars had a blast with Prince and Princess! (And their parents - who I guess would be King and Queen?) We stayed pretty close to home, which worked out well, as we were able to spend more time playing, rather than driving and setting up.

They have a lovely popup camper.

I have a lovely tent.

Both of which managed to get set up BEFORE the rain/wind. Granted, it was a very brief little "storm", but when you don't have an actual roof, it can be a bit scary.

The Caterpillars did great. We ate dinner at a resturant inside the campground and then came back where the adults sat around and chatted. The Caterpillars couldn't get enough of the dirt and the lake, and I was the very mean Mummy Butterfly when I made them clean off (with baby wipes) and put on pajamas.

I read a few poems out of one of my favorite Kids Poetry Books, and then they were out pretty quickly.

The view was beautiful, we had the campground basically to ourselves - and the sounds from the forest and the water creatures was so soothing!

My only regret was having to put on my shoes 3 times that night to hike up to the restroom! Oh, and being the one to sleep on the ground! (Next time, Mummy's buying a cot, or at the very least an air mattress.)

~Lone Butterfly


Life throws you surprises! said...

Looks like fun....I think pregnancy calls for a cot or air mattress. My mom and I spent on a deflated air mattress when we went camping last year and that was as bad as sleeping on the ground when pregnant. I hope you managed to feel ok during the weekend.

Keetha said...

Love that lake sunset picture.

Looks like a great camping trip.