More Swimming

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Hubby wasn't feeling well a week or so ago, and so he took Friday (August 15th) off of work. Edelweiss and I also decided to take the afternoon off and bring the Caterpillars and LG down to our local pool.

Even BooSheep and Little Sheep came along for the ride with Cookie.

It was awesome! In the past all the local pools have shut down the Sunday before the public schools went back in session. This year, the pool right next to our house decided to stay open until Labor Day.

That means all the preschoolers and Homeschoolers get an extra THREE WEEKS of pool time! Practically EMPTY pool time!

It was so great. B10 and Hubby went up and down the slide for what seemed like a million times. CW and I floated in the Lazy River with Edelweiss and LG, and played on the playset.

Little Sheep stayed mostly in the shallow water, but loved to get his head wet, and truly enjoyed Cookie following him all over the pool.

It was so great to not have to fight the crowds, and because most of the people there had younger kids, the Caterpillars could play on the slides/Lazy River without being run over. LG looks like such a BIG KID with B10 and CW eating snacks during break time.

I can't wait to do this more next year. I'm hoping they'll open the pool at Memorial Day (instead of when public school gets out).

~Lone Butterfly )i(


BooSheep said...

The pictures of the water came out great. That was a really fun day!! I finally forgot about the heat for a few minutes!