It Started Out Wrong...But Did Get Better!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's always hard to navigate in the dark in a new place (like a hotel room), so all I knew was that it REALLY hurt when I stubbed my toe trying to get GO out of the playpen in the middle of the night.

Morning came, and as I was laying in bed, with my toe under the blankets, I thought - OW, my toe still hurts a lot.

Then I pulled back the covers and saw this:

It was SO HARD to put a shoe on...really?  Did this have to happen the day I was about to walk around ALL DAY LONG?  And it wasn't even an end toe.

Tee hee hee, CW and B10 thought it was cool at least.

~Lone Butterfly  )i(


BooSheep said...

um... ow! That really looks like it hurts. I hope you guys had a good trip (hopefully, it could only get better!)