Gatlinburg Cub Scouts - Day One

Saturday, January 16, 2010


We drove up late last night (arriving at the hotel after 11 pm), so we woke up early this morning and put on our new Cub Scout Class B shirts and headed out to breakfast.  This is the balcony in our room (B10 was so cute and careful, he refused to stand up on the balcony with GO at all!).

Our first stop was the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies, one of my favorite aquariums ever.  GO was fascinated by the TV and Prince is fascinated by GO.

The Caterpillars worked hard on their Scout badges (Princess even had a Girl Scout book).

Hubby practiced using our new Ergo Baby.

I loved this "fish"...

The aquarium has a really cool tunnel that you ride through, the saw-tooth sharks like to lay on the top of the tunnel.

GO and CW loved this turtle.

When B10 and I came to Gatlinburg in 2007, I took a photo of him next to a Coral tank and it is still one of my favorite photos ever.  On this trip, I wanted to be sure to get a photo of all three Caterpillars next to the tank.

And the two little "Nemo" fish came out to say hello!

GO seemed to enjoy the Ergo Baby as long as she could look around and see stuff.

B10 LOVES the horseshoe crabs, and he loves showing others what he knows.

For lunch we all went to Wendy's, our old faithful standby.

Then it was off to the Ripley's Moving Theatre, another favorite attraction from 2007 and my trip with B10.

GO fell asleep on ET's Daddy, and when she went back into her carrier, she looked like her little head was going to fall off.  But she wouldn't let us prop her forward!

You can see Hubby isn't thrilled with her stubbornness!

We went as a group to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, then I headed out early to pick up drinks for the Scout Dinner.  The families all headed to our hotel room around 6pm to eat pizza and enjoy time with each other.

The goal was to be at the trolley stop by 7:10 pm for our "Winterfest Trolley Ride of Lights".

While it was chilly waiting for our Trolley (named "Frosty"), the Caterpillars had a blast.  GO was in her pajamas and ready to fall asleep (not that she did, mind you).

The hour long trip was awesome (I highly recommend for anyone traveling to Gatlinburg during the winter).  We learned a lot about Gatlinburg and saw beautiful LED lights all over town.

Back at the hotel, it was POOL TIME!  Even GO spent about an hour in the warm indoor pool water, and B10 and CW got to swim for almost 2 hours!

They crashed hard when they finally got in bed asleep!  But, that means they'll be doing good tomorrow when we wake them up early for Day Two.

~Lone Butterfly  )i(