Spring Break Cruise Director

Friday, April 10, 2009


The Royal Kids had spring break this week, so even though B10 and CW were at their Daddy's house - I was the Cruise Director for their Spring Break activities (GO was my capable first mate!).

On Monday I fixed a special breakfast and we sang "Happy Spring Break to You" and opened goodies before driving out to the Mayfield Dairy for a tour.

The ice cream treat at the end was delicious (Mayfield "Snow Cream"). Plus, they made everyone wear a little hairnet - even GO!

On Tuesday we drove out to a local Paint-Your-Own-Pottery place. Princess and I made giraffes, while Prince made a motorcycle bank.

(Queen loved on GO - or GO loved on Queen - either way!)

Tuesday evening and Wednesday they went on an overnight with their Dad (King) to a quaint little town a few hours north of us. Thursday, though, they were back and ready to play out at this cool indoor jump facility I knew of.

I missed my Caterpillars, but loved being with Queen and her kids - plus the "sibling noises" helped GO keep from missing her brothers, too much!

~Lone Butterfly )i(