Day Six - DC With Auntie M!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today we went into DC with Auntie Mel. The Metro is becoming really fun and I almost wish we lived in a city where we could ride one more often (there just isn't a real reason to do it where we live).
She met us at the Arlington National Cemetery Station so we could tour the grounds. I had wanted to do three things at Arlington: the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, JFK and Jackie's Grave (The Eternal Flame), and the Women in Military Memorial (especially the "Fly Girls of WWII" exhibit).
When I checked the forecast before leaving home it was suppose to be between 60 and 75, cloudy, with a chance of showers the entire time we were visiting. It was 98 degrees in DC today!

I had brought the Caterpillars jeans to wear - and while I could at least put them in t-shirts with ball caps to block the sun, it was still REALLY HOT for all of us. Especially to be outside. (Note: CW decided to wear his "new" Hawaiian shirt...)

So (and those of you who know me and my Type A personality will be very proud), I didn't stress out about doing all the outdoor things. We didn't walk to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Women's Memorial in indoors (I'll post a more extended post on my issues with that particular exhibit, later).
Then we headed out the Memorial Gate at Arlington to catch the train for Union Station. The plan was to get inside (thank goodness the trains are air conditioned) and eat lunch at a regular restaurant.
I knew that there was a Johnny Rockets at Union Station and Auntie Mel let the Caterpillars choose whatever they want.

Hence the chocolate milkshakes! (And the happy faces.)

We headed back to the train to go out to the White House. Security is tight, therefore our goal was to just see the outside (and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door).

I found it very amusing that CW's main concern was if President Obama's daughters have a Wii... Just shows that even he wants to know if "celebrities" are like regular people.

After the White House we said goodbye to Auntie Mel and headed home. I stopped at the store and picked up ingredients to make homemade pizzas.

The Caterpillars got home and the Garden Girls were dressed in bathing suits and playing outside in the water. Uncle Marine was washing his new car and we all "played" outside.

Everyone got into the "water fight" and "sprinkler fun". Dinner was eaten on the front steps and even GO enjoyed being in her ladybug suit.

It was wonderful to finally feel cool after such a hot day!

~Lone Butterfly )i(